Columnists Wanted! Video Bloggers Wanted!

Join us. Our network includes an online magazine, a syndicated news site, and an internet TV site. We are now accepting submissions.

Article Submissions

We want to have a totally unique site from any other. All articles (or news reports) must be written by you and must be written exclusively for our online publication. We are looking for articles that are not published elsewhere. You are welcome to link to or have other sites link to articles.

You can pick the topic. Articles should be at least 500 words. Include a short bio along with any books or websites you wish to promote at the bottom of your article.

NO PROFANITY, ETC. Please keep the articles suitable for a general audience. ARTICLES DEEMED INAPPROPRIATE WILL NOT BE POSTED.

Make sure that spelling, grammar, and format are correct before submitting your article!


If your article meets the standards listed, news reports or current event articles will be published at as well as linked to from Useless Knowledge Magazine. All other articles will be published on Useless Knowledge Magazine.

Benefits For The Writer

  • Syndication

    Our site is syndicated by a number of news feeds. We provide writers with an outlet to be read by people from all around the world.

  • Free Publicity

    We have a very active readership that loves to send you feedback. In exchange for your article, you will receive free publicity and valuable "do follow" links to your website and/or books at amazon.

  • It's Fun

    The main motivation for writing an article for us should be a love of writing and because it's fun.


    Send your article via email to:


    Video Submissions (Vloggers Wanted):

    We are now paying for exclusive video submissions, as long as you mention UselessKnowledge.TV or Top News Reports in your video. Inquire about current rates. You could share your useless knowledge or report on a current event. Your video will be played on our video site as well featured in our online magazines. We will display your bio along with anything you wish to promote such as your youtube channel or website. The same terms apply, no profanity, etc. Any questions, just ask.

    Send your video file to: